How To Set Up A Ceiling Fan All By Yourself

Do you have a living room that could use a ceiling fan to cool it down? Its not complicated to install a ceiling fan yourself if you are preparing to replace a light fixture. Since a ceiling fan must have the same wiring as your light fixture, the only important thing that really needs to be done is to change the workbox that can handle the weight of the ceiling fan. It would be very deadly if you do not replace your current workbox to something that can manage the extra weight of the ceiling fan. Before you begin your project, go through the instructions for the fan you have bought, and be sure that you have all of the necessary tools.

If you are hanging the fan on a cathedral ceiling, you may want to acquire additional parts for extending the fan down lower. Now that you are all set for the actual installation, ensure that the breaker is put off, so no power is getting to the light you are replacing. After removing the current light fixture, verify to see if the installed workbox can handle the weight of your ceiling fan. Most workboxes are not made for ceiling fans, you will need extra support. You can do this fairly easily if you are able to access the light fixture from the attic.

To add support, you only need to nail a 2×4 between the ceiling rafters in order that it touches the top of the workbox. Once the 2×4 is properly anchored, screw the workbox to the 2×4. If you do it the right way, the fan should be well supported by the 2×4. If you dont have admission to the attic, you will need to place a cross bracing in your ceiling. It is more difficult to carry out and may not be that secure but its the greatest option if you have no attic admission.

Now, after setting up the fan according to the instructions, you are prepared to put your new fan. The hard part is keeping the fan, while joining the wiring. The difficulty is depending on the form of fan you have, whether it is a hanging frame or a fan that has a bracket with a J hook. For most fans the wall switch will turn the device on or off, and the chain will handle the speeds. If you choose to also deploy a light kit with the fan, both can be regulated by either chain or wall switch.

Wiring the fan is simply by connecting two black wires, two ground wires as well as white wires. Once you have finished putting together the fan and wires, the last step is to secure the fan blades. Once this is all done, it is time to change the breaker back on to see if it operates.

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